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408-354-2730 x220
Office hours/days = M-W-Th-F 2:00-5:00
Lab hours/days = same as above with the exception of Wednesdays the lab will be available until 9:30 pm.

This is a year length course designed for the student that is interested in exploring the various fields of engineering. Team work and interpersonal communication with classmates and team members are important to the hands-on, critical thinking, and problem solving challenges of this class. Students will explore various engineering fields by completing projects, listening to lectures and guest speakers and participating in pre-engineering student competitions.


The engineering student will investigate the profession of an engineer, learn how to safely use hand tools and machines, and develop their analytical thinking skills. Developing students' individual and team problem solving skills with an emphasis on communication will be a major focus of this course.


Areas to be investigated:


There will be a minimum of two assignments per each six week grading period (writing assignments, drawing/design, and the production of prototypes and models could be expected).

The production of a Personal Portfolio will culminate the year's activities.


Homework will be assigned no more than twice weekly. Groups, or teams will be expected to meet after school on campus (see lab hours and days) or at a team members' home to work on some of the assignments.


Tests will be in the form of practical assessments. They will include design (sketches, drawings and prototypes), production (the quality and practicality of the item) presentation (oral and written) and documentation (written or video).

The only standard type test will be the safety test.


Grades will be determined by the amount of work put forth to the solving of the problem (time-on-task) and the quality of the solution. Team members will have input regarding their team-mates' grade.

The key to a good grade is to challenge yourself, do your share, and produce the highest quality work that you can do. Citizenship and class participation will be an important part of you final grade.