Mr. Muntz's Philosophy

The Manufacturing Technology Program at Los Gatos High School (LGHS) has a long tradition of producing great members of the community. Our core values of excellence, commitment, respect, academics, and safety make this possible.


LGHS Manufacturing Technology classes promise high academic standards while emphasizing manipulative and cooperative skills. I promise students, families, LGHS, future academic institutions, and the manufacturing industry that I will promote student achievement and prepare them for life and occupations after high school. My standards are high, but not unreasonable. I will not lower my expectations. If a student fails or is asked to leave one of my classes, it will be because of some unacceptable choice he or she has made.

My Commitment

Like all teachers, I had many potential career paths when I was starting out. Out of these, I chose to become a manufacturing technology instructor. This is because I am committed to helping students develop all of the unique skills and strong character traits that manufacturing technology classes provide.

Here is what other people have to say about the importance of the practical arts (all files in .pdf format):

Respect for All

Respect for all students, faculty, and staff at LGHS is important for maintaining a well functioning school. We expect you carefully consider your actions so as to avoid being disrespectful. Like all teachers, I ask that you respect and appreciate the work I do.

I have taught at two other schools and visited many. LGHS is one of the most beautiful high school campuses in California, but it is not as nice as it could be. Littering on campus shows disrespect to the entire LGHS community. Since the condition of our campus reflects on the entire community, each individual is expected to take responsibility for leaving the campus in good shape for future generations of students and teachers.

Academic Mission

In today's world, simply possessing knowledge is not enough. The ability to learn is critical.

Learning skills that are worthwhile takes time and hard work. Sometimes the required processes in this class will not be easy. They will take practice and they are supposed to take practice. Learning to work at something until it is accomplished is a large part of what you sign up for in a manufacturing class.

One of your jobs as an adult-in-training is to learn how to work hard. Like lifting weights, the more you push yourself beyond what you can do today, the more you will be able to accomplish tomorrow. Your parents, teachers, and school cannot teach you this-you must learn it for yourself. The only way to learn to work hard is to actually do hard work, and in my classes, you will be asked to do just that. I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to learn this valuable skill. You will appreciate it later in life, even if you've forgotten how to MIG weld a T-fillet joint.

The material presented in manufacturing technology classes is difficult to master, but any student who has attempted one of my classes comes away with an increased respect for quality, craftsmanship, responsibility, fine motor skills, an increase in self confidence, and an appreciation of the gains to be made from practice.


LGHS Manufacturing Technology classes have rules to promote the safety and welfare of all students. Despite what it may seem, the rules for conduct in a manufacturing class are not in place to burden you, but rather they are vital to creating a safe community where we all can seek the best education possible.

The use of drugs, including marijuana, is illegal. Alcohol use in a lab situation is considered a danger to the user and all others who are present. Entering the lab under the influence of these or other drugs is not just against school rules, it's also really stupid. Operating power tools and heavy machinery requires one's full concentration and alertness. Any person who is caught in such a circumstance should not expect to be granted a second chance.

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