Welcome to Los Gatos High School Manufacturing Technology

Los Gatos High School Manufacturing Technology (LGHSMT) metals classes offer instruction in the use of hand tools, welding, sheet metal development, forging and foundry. More advanced metals classes cover machine tool, (lathe, milling machine, and surface grinder) flame cutting, TIG and MIG welding, all used in the creation of selected student projects. Computer Assisted Manufactuirng (CAM) classes go one step further by using computers to automate the operation of these tools. Third year students have the opportunity to go into production, actually manufacturing multiple copies of a useful product. They create their own business and must document the entire process.

If you are a parent of a current or prospective LGHS student, we encourage you to learn more about what manufacturing technology classes offer.

We are grateful for the sponsorship of the New Millenium Foundation, whose gifts of supplies and new equipment help us to continue providing quality manufacturing technology instruction. We would also like to thank Chris Borch at Micro-mechanics, Troy Givens at Givmar Precision Machining, and Blaine Bolich at American Prototype Incorporated for their donations of industrial supplies and equipment.

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